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Utility Personnel


Under the direction of the shift team leader, the utility personnel should be able to handle a multitude of different jobs including packager, press operator, part reviewer, box making, material handling and plant cleaning. This position will work in cooperation with the production, quality and maintenance departments.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

This list of duties and responsibilities is not all inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties and responsibilities as management may deem necessary at any time.

  1. This position will run jobs designated as requiring a full time operator doing all part packing and part quality checks.
  2. This position will work as a break relief operator for any operator jobs that are running.
  3. This position will fill in for the material handler when required.
  4. This position will assist set up technicians in cleaning loaders, grinders, and dryer hoppers on specific setups when needed.
  5. This position fills in for packager vacancies when needed. This person will be fully trained to handle part packaging responsibilities throughout the operation.
  6. This person will be asked to review parts if a quality review event should be required.
  7. This position will work with the team leader to assist in making boxes for the production floor when required.
  8. This position will assist in moving FG product from the shop floor to the Morse shipping and receiving area.
  9. This position will assist the team leader in maintaining plant wide cleanliness objectives by executing a variety of cleaning and organizational tasks.
  10. This position will communicate with the different departments of the company in a positive and team oriented manner.
  11. This position will follow all PCI safety rules and practices and notify the team leader of any unsafe situations found anywhere on the shop floor.

Department: Operations
Shift: All

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