Complex Parts Require A Cutting-Edge Molding Process

Advanced Plastics Manufacturing with a Focus on Technology

Product manufacturing is in a state of constant change and we know our customers are continually faced with design and speed-to-market challenges, in addition to competitive pressures that demand business, production and cost efficiencies.

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Rosti's advanced Two-Shot molding cell

At Rosti, we challenge ourselves every day to be a leader in innovation and technology across all areas of our business from plastic part design for manufacturability support, material selection, production, and much more. Our goal is to equip you with the competitive leverage that gives your products a superior advantage.

We do not put limitations on process improvements, innovative practices and technology implementation within Rosti’s facilities. In fact, we set the bar within our industry for creating, and putting into place, the most advanced scientific molding processes. Step into our Morse Drive facility: “The Mother Ship,” or Bunsen Drive facility: “Revolutionary Lights-Out,” and you will see the latest plastic injection molding technologies at work:

  • Efficient and automation-lead production facilities implementing cutting-edge, U.S. patented, scientific molding processes
  • Continuous improvement and optimization of manufacturing practices and production output
  • Comprehensive integration of technology and automation, enabling the company to operate at a fraction of the labor footprint of similarly-sized businesses
  • High-talented workforce including eight engineers, seven toolmakers, and four RJG master molders
  • The latest plastic injection molding software utilization including SolidWorks® Premium plastics flow simulation and RJG eDart® process control systems
  • Fully utilized IQMS ERP system for complete, centralized financial and operational management
  • RJG technology at presses and in molds to create a repeatable and easily auditable manufacturing process
  • Technology and expertise to keep everything from design for manufacturability, tool building, prototyping, and production managed by one account team 

Our experienced engineers and service personnel are committed to being valued partners that identify design, development, production and cost efficiencies to provide the highest level of service and value for our customers prior to cutting any steel.

Enhanced Plastics Molding & Operational Capabilities

PCI IQMSRosti has invested over $1.2 million with RJG eDart® to boost our molding and operational capabilities. We have the capability to utilize RJG eDart process control systems on all of our injection molding presses. This system has enabled us to reduce scrap rates and processing time, while allowing us to actively monitor job performance and process variation. Our experienced technicians are able to capture historical data on every shot in the process and improve overall quality and efficiency.  By applying RJG’s in-mold sensors and eDart systems, we can monitor cavity pressure and temperature to help identify variations or weight imbalances as each part is being manufactured.   

Integrated ERP Software

Every step in injection molding builds upon the next and communication is key to addressing all points along the way in regard to timeline and budget. Rosti uses IQMS® application software to ensure a seamless manufacturing process from order receipt to product delivery. IQMS provides an efficient way to monitor every machine in real time across both facilities ensuring on-time delivery. 

Automation & Robotics

PCI RoboticsWith precision guidance, the ability to carry out specific repetitive actions without variations and adapting to different part types via intelligence-based features, automation and robotics are key drivers in today’s modern plastic injection molding industry. Both facilities operate molding presses with tonnage ranging from 35 to 500 ton. 

At Rosti, automation and robotics implementation is at the heart of our scientific molding processes, allowing us to:

  • Improve the quality of the parts we produce
  • Increase throughput
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Reduce scrap
  • Realize additional cost savings

Our ability to leverage robotics systems and automation, led by a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, allows us to achieve dramatically specific results for our customers. It’s one of many reasons why Rosti is a low-cost, world-class producer of small and medium-sized, medium and high volume plastic injection molded parts.

What is scientific molding? Learn more about out our data and technology-driven processes. 


Why Rosti?

We embrace the words of Thomas Edison: There’s always a way to do it better..find it. For close to 30 years, Rosti has been challenging the status quo through technology, automation and engineering expertise to provide our customers with a strategic partner for their “mission critical” injection molding needs.

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