Plastic Injection Molding

For Mission Critical Parts

Plastic Components Inc. footprint is going beyond borders. Our team is proud to announce we’ve been acquired by Rosti – a global injection molding company and contract manufacturer with eight production facilities in Europe and Asia. Learn how our services and resources will expand with Rosti’s acquisition.
Rosti delivers precision “mission critical” engineered thermoplastic components for diverse market applications with dedication to innovation in manufacturing, developing and maintaining strong business partner relationships, employee engagement and development, and delivering superior value to all stakeholders.


Rosti Utah

Rosti Wisconsin

Rosti North Carolina

For transparency, when we visit other suppliers and they ask for an example of a “world-class molder” in the eyes of our organization, Rosti is the unanimous answer by the entire team and I couldn’t agree more.

- Engineering Manager


Rosti’s expert engineers allow you to keep everything from design support to production under one roof with a focus on medium and high-volume, low-cost solutions including custom plastic part design and prototyping, engineering, tooling, tool transfer, material selection, metal to plastic conversion, insert molding, design for manufacturing (DFM) support, and more - all utilizing the most innovative manufacturing processes.

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The developmental projects we are tasked with place a high demand on our suppliers and leave little room for error. The components we receive from Rosti are top quality and have been extensively tested for structural integrity due to the excessive conditions for each application. Rosti exceeds all expectations and has become our most dependable supplier.

- Product Engineer

Our Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities leverage process automation to achieve optimal part pricing and quality. With 81 fully-automated molding cells (35 - 500 ton) and 78,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Rosti aligns the highest level of skilled engineers and technicians with automated and revolutionary lights-out processes.

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  • Named Plastics News Best Places to Work, 2014 - 2020
  • Received Second U.S. Patent - Monitoring of Bunsen Drive (2017)
  • Recipient of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Best Places to Work 2015
  • Received Issuance of U.S. Patent For "Lights-Out" -Manufacturing Facility - Bunsen Drive (2014)
  • Recipient of Plastics News Inaugural Sustained Excellence Award Winner, 2014
  • Recipient of IQMS' Manufacturing Success Award 2012
  • Recipient of Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award 2009
  • Recipient of Plastics News Processor of the Year 2008


The manufacturing process that drives Rosti's newest and fully-automated, "lights-out" Bunsen Drive facility - is so revolutionary that it's protected under U.S. Patent No. 8,827,674 B1. The patent includes the specialized injection molding factory system, and associated facility comprising machines on the first floor with the resin supply placed on the mezzanine level. 

A second U.S. patent (No. 9,573,302) was awarded in 2017 for the remote monitoring system of the Bunsen Drive facility from headquarters on Morse Drive.

Why Rosti?

We embrace the words of Thomas Edison: There’s always a way to do it better..find it. For close to 30 years, Rosti has been challenging the status quo through technology, automation and engineering expertise to provide our customers with a strategic partner for their “mission critical” injection molding needs.

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