Comprehensive Plastic Injection Molding MES and ERP Software System

Rosti PCI - Cary, NC SystemsOur IQMS Software is a comprehensive manufacturing MES and ERP software system with Oracle Database Structure and full off-site backup. IQMS creates efficiencies in our process and operations to allow for superior metrics, current build specifications, and project tracking that contributes to exceptional quality control. 

Overall, IQMS plastics ERP manufacturing software is an integral tool that allows the Rosti team to meet on-time delivery demands, the accuracy of orders, and the highest level of production quality. 

IQMS features include: 

  • Real-time capacity planning, scheduling, machine process monitoring, wireless inventory, and production control
  • Tooling/project management
  • Quality process management
  • Full document control "fail-safe" integration from order entry through shipment
  • All financial reporting and controls