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PCI Utilizes New Avalon Vision Mold Protection System

By Aaron Butterbrodt

PCI recenly implemented the new Mold Protection Vision System by Avalon into its operations in order to ensure that its customers assets are maintained in the most thorough and responsible manner possible.

The system utilizes a USB 2.0 camera, near infrared light, and touch screen processor to prevent mold damage caused by parts not properly ejecting, parts sticking to the cavity side, or slides not fully returning. This is accomplished by first by automatically taking an image upon mold open (before ejection) to verify all parts transferred from the stationary side of the mold. Once verified the ejectors are enabled and another image is taken to verify parts are properly ejected and slides are fully retracted. After each image if a problem is detected the system alarms and prevents the mold from closing and causing damage. If the images are accepted, the mold closes proceeding with the next cycle.

PCI also invested a software package which graphically tracks which cavity failed, quantity of fails, and saves the failed images along with the previous five good images before the fail. This allows PCI to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot intermittent issues that arise during a production run.

The vision system has given the company increased confidence that they will not produce bad product and potentially impact a tool by closing on parts. Secondly, this system allows PCI to be proactive in maintaining the tooling of our customers. Not to mention, ensuring customers who present challenging and complex parts on-time delivery and continued quality conformance throughout the lifetime of their mold.

Please view the Videos page to listen to Aaron speak about the mold protection system.

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