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Plastic Components, Inc. Acquired by MPE Partners

Good morning,

Today is Wednesday, March 8, 2017 and we have a lot of very exciting things to talk about here at Plastic Components Inc.

Number 1: Since we spoke to you last in December, we're thrilled to report that January and February of 2017 have been two of the biggest sales months in our history.  March could be the biggest sales month of all time in our history. So the year is off to a great start.

Number 2: As of yesterday, March 7, 2017, we are very proud to announce that Plastic Components Inc. has been acquired by MPE Partners out of Cleveland, Ohio. We have been engaged with our friends at MPE Partners since Christmas and consummated the transaction yesterday afternoon. Again, the name of the firm is MPE Partners, MPEPartners.com on the internet.

We are thrilled with our relationship that has started with MPE Partners. As of this morning, they will bring resources, they will bring capital, they will bring talent and they will bring experience to help guide Plastic Components Inc. as we move through the next few chapters in this great story.

Finally, I am thrilled to report that the entire management team of Plastic Components Inc., myself included, will remain intact. Part of the transaction terms and conditions where that the entire PCI management team would remain in place at PCI. And that has been accomplished - that is complete.

As far as our customers are concerned, there will be no difference, you'll be talking to all the same people that you've been talking to. We will continue to grow, we will continue to expand our capabilities and add even more value to our customers.

In the meantime, we always want to take the time to thank our customers for their support, for our growth, and we look forward to a very very exciting 2017 working together with you.


Tom Duffey
President & CEO,
Plastic Components Inc.