"The whole process for getting parts to our testing was much easier.  It seemed like a lot less work for us."

Design Engineer

"I can't praise PCI enough for the products and support they've provided us. The developmental projects we're tasked with are complex and required to launch in a shortened timeframe. This places a high demand on our suppliers and doesn't leave any room for error. The components we received are top quality and have been extensively tested for structural integrity due to the application's excessive conditions. PCI has exceeded all expectations becoming our most dependable and reliable supplier."

Program Manager

“Thanks for all of the help on this! We’re definitely in a pinch!”

Program Manager

"Just wished all our other suppliers were as good as you guys are."

Program Manager

“I wish all suppliers were like the PCI team.”

Purchasing Manager

“Excellent program management on PCI’s behalf with a seamless launch that beat our target date”

Senior Project Engineer

"What a great new technological leap forward in augmenting your customer experience."

Senior VP Global Operations

“PCI to the rescue!”

Vice President